Missed Connections: eHarmony Andrew

My third date with eHA occurred very near to the end of my experiment, ie very near to when things started to pick up with Tinder Oliver. Which led to an awkward, easy to misunderstand denouement on my part. This is how that went down:

eHA: Good morning, S. Just want to tell you again what a nice time I had at dinner. Have a safe and enjoyable trip home and let me know when you’re back/free again. Speak soon.

Me: Afternoon, M J I had a great time last night – thanks again. Currently attached to my nugget nephew, but I’ll letcha know when I’m back in town!

This was a lie. I was trying to buy myself a little time to figure out where exactly things were with TO/what exactly I was supposed to do in this completely foreign situation.

Me: Hi! How was your weekend?

eHA: Hey there! It was great. Exhaustingly fun. How was yours?

Me: Nice! Very similar haha.

eHA: Good good. Any big plans this week? I’m heading to a basketball game that’s going to be real challenging based on how I’m feeling right now. Hopefully I’ll catch some adrenaline.

Me: Nothing too huge – lot of work to catch up on J Haha hopefully the adrenaline kicked in!

eHA: It did. To the tune of a technical and a double foul for “wrestling”…Thinking I may take this too seriously.

Me: Hahaha. In it to win it.

eHA: Always. You have a free night this week/weekend? Let’s catch up.

Me: I’m free tomorrow night, if you happen to be around!

eHA: Tomorrow night doesn’t work for me, but Thursday or Saturday during the day works.

Me: Damn I have a work event Thursday and a girls’ brunch Sat.

eHA: Let’s play it by ear. If some plans change, we can get together. If not, early next week. Sound good?

Me: Ok perfect! Done and done.

Late one night…

eHA: OF COURSE. I should go home and sleep. But maaaaaaybe….

Me: Haha was that meant for someone else?

eHA: Nope, that’s a Louis CK quote derivative. Classic bit. May have been part of the show we talked about. Will try to find it for you.

Oops. I have zero memory.

eHA: Night going well?

Me: Haha it’s good! At work events. Slightly hammered.

eHA: Those are the easiest and sometimes the best and worst opportunities to get slightly (or unslightly) hammered. Jealous. I’m financing my own intoxication tonight.

At this point, the time gaps between texts starts to grow…

11:08am Me: Hahaha totally. I’m paying for my own intoxication this morning.

6:49pm: eHA: Same here. And late into the evening as I can’t escape the office. Nice view tonight, though.

11:45pm: eHA: Confusing a bacon chunk for a date #fatkidproblems

10:41am: Me: Hahaha hilarious

3:02pm: eHA: You free for drinks in the near or distant future? I’m of of killed right now with work and then birthday plans this weekend. But would definitely like to catch up if the timing works and you’re up for it.


7:53pm: Me: The next couple weeks are kind of a disaster schedule-wise, but after that, I’d love to catch up!

8:00pm: eHA: I’m thinking neither of us are quite feeling this so no need to push off planning. I did enjoy hanging out though. Good luck with your projects! I’ll be on the lookout for your bylines.

…Well that took a turn. “Neither of us are quite feeling this.” Harumph.

8:02pm: Me: Ahh ok. I had a wonderful time. Thanks! And same to you – but on the more business-y side of things :)

8:06pm: eHA: Thanks! And sorry if I misread you, but I’ve had the feeling you aren’t very interested. No worries at all if not, but thought I’d clarify, as I’ve enjoyed spending time with you and would have been up for another date.

Much better. Totally sweet/endearing.

8:53pm: Me: No I totally get it! Sorry, I’ve been in a bit of a weird place. But I did have a lovely time and would totally be down to hang out and do friend things if your were at all interested :)

9:09pm: eHA: For sure. You’re a cool chick. And it’s always nice to have another Nebraska fan around. Hope you sort out your situation (those are always fun…) Let’s touch base in a couple weeks.

9:17pm: Me: Definitely! Agreed re: NE fan. Sounds good :)

The lovely thing about our mostly grown-up conclusion is that we’ve actually maintained a bit of a friendship. I hit him up for lawyer advice, he texted me when he stumbled upon one of these blog posts on HuffPost, we ran into each other randomly a couple times downtown, and even recently had a lovely dinner catch-up sesh.