Missed Connections: Tinder Lucas

Ah Tinder Lucas and his perfectly sculpted everything. We tried so hard to make a second date happen. Perhaps a bit too hard? Here's the lengthy/emoticon-laden back-and-forth that led to our eventual mutual ghosting. 

TL: Hey great meeting you. Hope it wasn’t too awkward. And sorry for the whole name thing :)

Me: Haha that’s so hilarious. But I get it. It was great meeting you as well! And surprisingly un-awkward :)

TL: Yea we did pretty good :) Let’s do drinks next time.

Let’s do drinks indeed. Happy face emoticon. Happy face emoticon. Happy face emoticon.

Me: Haha right? Perfect. We’ll show that ACL what a cocktail or two can do. (It was your ACL, right?)

TL: Um no it’s my Achilles :)

Me: Ahhh riiiiighhhttt. Sooo we’ll show that one instead.

TL: Ok. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Willlllll do. I will also try not to take the lack of exclamation points/emoticons personally.

TL: Hey how has your week been? DO you want to go grab some food tonight?

Me: Hey! It’s been busy but great. I can’t tonight, but would love to soon.

TL: Ok no prob. We’ll do it another time!

Me: Ok perfect :)

One week later...

TL: Hey so I decided to get on the Breaking Bad bandwagon. Already watched two seasons hah.

Me: Haha! Welcome to the tribe. It sucks you right in. I’m on the last episode of Season 3 right now. It’s been a doozy.

TL: Haha yea. I’m not as crazy about it as most people but it’s definitely addictive. And from what I hear it gets better in later seasons.

Me: Yeah it picks up a LOT in Season 3. I had to stop watching it at night bc one episode would turn into four. And then I wouldn’t get any sleep haha.

TL: Haha yea same here. I’ve ended up sleeping a couple hours later than I would like to when I watch it at night.

TL: Are you around this week?

Me: Hahaha totally. I have a friend in town for the next couple days, but I’m free on Saturday.

TL: Ok do you want to go grab a drink on Saturday then?

Me: Yeah, that’d be fun!

Er, I thought I sent that text of excitement/agreement. Unfortunately…it never sent.

Even more unfortunately, I didn’t realize it until Saturday evening when I was already out with friends/telling them how this super hot dude totally blew me off in the weirdest way. Oops.

7:34pm Saturday:

Me: Welp that explains why I didn’t hear from you haha. (Photo of un-sent text attached.)

TL: Haha it does indeed. I was like, ‘hm ok I guess that’s a no’

TL: Btw I love that you still have me as Lucas.

Me: Hahaha awkward…

Me: Ha! Right? That’s what happens when you lie about these things ;)

TL: Haha yes serves me right. So do you have any plans for tonight?

Me: I’m actually at Rocktoberfest with my friends now…but do you want to do drinks next week?

Me: I mean, you’re welcome to join, but we’re all sort of a hammered mess right now ;)

TL: Yea that sounds good. Text me next week and we’ll get together.

Me: Ok perfect

TL: Ok have fun at the event

TL: Hey what r u doing this weekend?

(I’ll ignore the ‘r’ and the ‘u’ based purely on hotness alone.)

Me: Hey! In MB for the night. Kind of dying to go to the beach tomorrow during the day…what’s on your agenda?

TL: Sounds like a good idea. What beach?

Me: Maybe Manhattan? Or Marina?

TL: Cool maybe Manhattan would be nice. Are you staying there?

The next morning…

Me: I told a friend I’d end up at Shore Bar eventually tonight, but I’ll probably be out in MB until that.

Me: I also kind of want to watch the USC game at 4:30, if you have any interest :)

TL: Hah our team sucks now FYI J Where do you want to watch the game?

Me: Ha! Coach O is doing his best to bring us back into shape. I was originally thinking somewhere in MB, but a couple friends have said it’s cloudy by the beach…so now I’m undecided.

TL: Oh I thought you were still in MB. Ok I’m confused as to what we are discussing to do now hah!

(This is probably one of those times when a phone call would have made things a lot simpler.)

Me: Haha it was cloudy when I woke up, so I decided to go to the gym/wait for the fog to burn off. But my friend said it’s still cloudy, so now I’m at home and confused too. Haha. Ideally, I still want to beach it/then watch the game somewhere close by. But that’s sort of contingent on the sun coming back out haha. What are your thoughts?

TL: Well I’d tell you to go to Malibu for beach then the game somewhere around there but Malibu’s going to take all day prob…

TL: Sorry I’m not much help when trying to figure out where to watch a game :P I usually either go to games or watch them at home

TL: Do you just want to leave it for tomorrow?

Me: Haha are you trying to say you don’t care about the USC game?

TL: Hahah well I don’t really care for it since we have no chance of winning anything AGAIN. I’m a bandwagoner when it comes to USC I hate to say ;)

TL: But I do wanna hang out haha. So that’s why I’m saying we can do tomorrow during the day unless you have other plans

Me: Hahaha so typical ;) Tomorrow’s a bit busy for me…but I won’t force you to watch the game. I could really go for a Bloody Mary sometime soon.

I meant soon as in, like, in thirty minutes if at all possible. Pretty sure he thought I meant soon as in some day in the nearish future.

TL: Haha would have been fun to hang out today but it seems it’ll be tough to figure it out. I might do my big race after all next week so I’ll be in Arizona on Thursday but if I don’t let’s meet up. Or else the week after :)

Me: Haha ok perfect! And that’s exciting re: the race – good luck if you do do it!!

TL: Thank you :) Well have fun watching the game.

Me: Haha I shall try!

TL: We’ll prob lose so it won’t be fun sorry to tell you. But try still!

TL: I was about to send you this and say I was pleasantly surprised and then ND scored right after…

Me: Hahaha ugh. F*cking Notre Dame. At least we’re not getting clobbered!

Me: Welp. There goes that.

TL: J At least it was compettitve. The thing I hate with college football is that once your team loses 1-2 games there’s no chance to compete for anything. So what’s the point? Maybe next year when they have playoffs I’ll get more into it

Me: Hahaha it’s still fun to watch them grow/see how they perform

…and that…was it. Did I kill it with my indefatigable support for SC football? Too many hahaha’s? I’m going to go try to figure it out over a Bloody Mary or seven.