I Love Barcelona

Outside Faith & Flower, following a lovely birthday dinner, I was introduced to an equally lovely 7’ tall man. If the events that followed are any indication, 30 is going to be very similar to 29.

Him: Hi, my name is Pau.

Her: (Leaning in slash up to hear because she’s deaf. Especially when slight accents are involved.) Paul?

Him: Pau. Uh, P-A-U.

Silence. HER is obviously still confused. Because she’s an idiot.

Him: It’s Spanish - I’m from Barcelona.

Her: Ahhhh - love Barcelona!!*

And he thought he couldn’t go anywhere without being recognized. 

He can’t, by the way. We all went around the corner to Honeycut, where every man proceeded to chat him up, leading him to call it a night. THANKS, GUYS. It’s April - isn’t the madness supposed to be over by now? 

*HER has never actually been to Barcelona. But huge fan of the Lakers! Huge.