He Gets Me

A friend recently cast me in an episode of his web series as a drunk 18yo leaving the club with some sketchy dude. Most of the scene consists of me and said dude making out in the back of our Uber-like mode of transportation. I was relaying this fact to an actor friend, saying, "I have no idea why he didn't need me to audition for this role." (...that was a joke. I know exactly why.) Actor Friend skips right past the me-inferring-I-am-(er, used to be)(hi, future husband(s))-a-two-dolla-makeout-ho part and gets right to the actor-y part: 

AF: You ever made out with someone on camera before?
Me: (already laughing) (already thinking I'm hilarious) Please, I've never even made out with someone *sober* before.


AF: You're right. That was my fault. 

One of us laughed much harder than the other one and one of us was much more silent, but I think it's that opposites thing that really makes this friendship work.  


Me: I'm going to start sending you daily affirmations, except instead make them reminders of all the things you love about me.

AF: So, they're basically daily affirmations for yourself. 

Me: I'm doing this for us.