Cream of the Crop

I knew Spain in July would be warm, but I may have slightly underestimated the humidity factor. I was sweatin’. I was sweatin’ a lot. So when one of our girls lined up a full day of tours/on foot explorations, for us, I parsed my pack for the most skin-baring (slash still daytime appropriate) separates I could find.

The end result? A white zip-front crop top and high-color, high-waisted, flared knit mini - both from BCBG. (And sparkly pink jellies for a pre-teen kick.)

What you can't see in this picture is the black eyeliner that had melted onto the middle of my eyelid. Primer can apparently only do so much in a Barcelona heatwave. 

(I also popped down to the corner hair salon and had the most adorable older woman give me a wash/dry/flat-iron. My high school Spanish was pretty useless in this transaction, but she was all warmth and love. She’s owned the salon for over 40 years, and every customer was an elderly regular. At one point, they were clearly talking about me, and she put a motherly hand on my shoulder as if to say, we’re not laughing at you, we’re just sort of amused by you, but in the kindest way possible. I’ll take it. I’ll also take the 13 euro ring-up.)