Living by Design

Business Insider recently posted this article, hailing Irvine, CA as the most fashionable city in America, based on new research from Bundle. (Excuse me, while I cough up the coffee I don’t drink for a second.)

What did this research entail, exactly?

                                                        This photo is from an Irvine fashion show. 'Nuff said.

From Bundle’s website:

We selected the 50 largest cities by population in our data set and created a fashion-conscious index, with 1.0 being average. We based our index on the percentage of “fashion-conscious households” in our sample, which we defined as households that had at least four transactions at top-end designer merchants in the past 30 months. 

Here’s my issue with this survey.  Top-end designer merchants carry a lot of clothing.  A LOT.  One might even say that there is something for everyone who is willing to pay for it. What did these people buy?  How did they wear it? Did it complement/or enhance their personal style?

The fact that their obviously extensive research fails to take into account the age-old adage Money Can’t Buy Style renders their intended message ridiculous, in my eyes. I’ll go ahead and include your eyes as well.  You’re welcome.

They seem to think this whole thing is more surprising than everyone else knows it really is.

Irvine. Home of Orange County. Home of plastic surgery, platinum blonde hair, and a penchant for proving one’s worth with a wallet…how shocking that they, of all places, have been found to spend the most amount of money at the most widely accepted bastions of fashion.

Just change the title.  That’s all I ask.  And please don’t ever put Irvine and fashion in the same sentence again.

Editor’s Note: I do have fashionable friends who claim Irvine as their point of origin; however, I would suggest that the word despite would come into play in this conversation. Italicized and possibly even bold. #luckyones