USC Students Are Smart

As we were shuttling over to set the other day, one of the PA’s revealed, mid-convo, that she was a USC student.

"You’re at SC?! I went to SC." I get really excited when I have things in common with other people. 

"Really? No way! What year were you?" 

Oy. Luckily, I was on set as a journalist and not as an actress, so I felt less too-old-for-my-chosen-career in admitting my actual graduation year. 

"I was class of ‘06."

Pause. Eye contact. “Ohhhhh.”

Awkward pause. Laughter.

The chick driving the van interjected to remark on the meaningful tone behind that ‘oh’. I nodded in agreement, still laughing in self-deprecation. “I know, right. I get it. I’m old.”

The PA’s eyes grew wide in emphatic sincerity, “No, you just look so young!”

Well played, PA. Well played.

(And yes, I will be alternating low side-ponies and high braided ponies for the rest of my twenties. Great success.)